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“Hey Ho” - The Lumineers

At first sight I instantly noticed that the back of the stage, where the percussion usually is, there’s nothing but suitcases & old lamps. In an odd way, this really set the mood for the performance. However, I couldn’t help but think, “Where is the percussionist? I’ve heard this song before, I know there’s some percussion.” Than during the first verse I realized it was the man standing next to the lead singer. I absolutely dug the unconventional way this band lays out their ensemble. It’s so visually intriguing, it makes you want to hear what they’re going to play. The song was great. Very simple and even more catchy. I also have to note that I have never seen someone more happy to perform on SNL than their female vocalist. She is beyond excited to be there & i have to admit her attitude is kind of contagious. It made me wanna cheer for the band during the performance. 

For what it was, the Lumineers put on a great performance. It was very interesting, very catchy, and simple. If you’re looking for a great performance that is family friendly, this is the perfect choice. 

What do you think of this performance?
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